Holiday Park Wi-Fi: Keep your Guests Connected.

An expensive misconception about modern guests at your holiday park or caravan park is that they don’t mind if the Wi-Fi connection could be better. At Teksupport, we know it’s the same for 5-star resorts and caravan parks alike: People who intend to have a good holiday rarely intend to take a break from good Wi-Fi. If your connection is poor, your guests do mind.

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Teksupport: Wi-Fi services for Holiday Parks that keeps guests happy.

Across the country, Holiday Park Wi-Fi providers are under more pressure than ever to offer high-grade connectivity to guests. There are many holiday parks and caravan parks that miss out on bookings because the Wi-Fi solution offered simply doesn’t match the guests need. We’re determined to change that.

Reliable holiday and caravan park Wi-Fi solutions can help you secure more bookings and maintain guest loyalty. For these reasons alone, it’s worth getting it right. Where a strong Wi-Fi signal is one of the top priorities of guests looking for the right place to stay, not having an adequate Wi-Fi connection can mean fielding a flood of complaints and having to work overtime to make it up to disgruntled guests. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Unique Teksupport Solution.

Holiday parks are notoriously challenging venues to achieve a high-quality signal in. This is mostly attributed to the deflective properties of small vans and units where a signal can be difficult to pick up. Our team have helped several holiday parks to overcome these challenges, with the experts and architects at Teksupport developing a unique enterprise Wi-Fi for caravan parks and holiday parks that work hard to address these specific challenges and ensures guests are kept connected and satisfied.

Get ready to improve ratings.

Want a better Caravan Wi-Fi solution? We believe that the ideal connection resource is one that ensures every patron, client, guest and visitor can connect in the same way they would at home. Your guests shouldn’t have to spend their break looking for a better way to connect. For more information about the ground-breaking solutions we’ve developed, contact the team at Teksupport today on (03) 9590-0560.


Reliable Wi-Fi is number 1 for Big4 MacDonnell Range Holiday Park, NT.

"All complaints about Wi-Fi have dropped off since the upgrade. We actually even received a compliment about how good it was." Fiona Johannsen- Administration Manager, Big4 MacDonnell Range Holiday Park, Alice Springs