How Insufficient WI-FI Solutions Are Impacting Australian Schools

How Insufficient WI-FI Solutions Are Impacting Australian Schools

Connectivity is an important tool educators use to prepare our youth for the ever evolving technological world. Disappointingly, however, wireless solutions are often not up to the task of powering our schools, leaving students behind. Connected learning enables classroom collaboration and equips students with the technological knowledge they will need to navigate the modern workplace. Untethered internet access is an educational resource that cannot continue to be overlooked.

Technology has truly transformed the education sector. Online resources are increasingly being adopted into mainstream curriculums and online modules are enabling students to access learning tools, anywhere, anytime. Robust WI-FI networks are an important part of providing equal learning opportunities to students all over Australia. When learning is interrupted by slow or lagging WI-FI, student opportunities are hindered and they lose the ability to thrive.

Schools are big places. That’s why wireless systems often lack the capacity to run a consistent service over the entire location. With many students now each having a device of their own to power, the demand on the network often leads to system failure and disruption. A poor connection can mean that a teacher is unable to access online learning modules or download class texts. As educational institutions now rely on digital infrastructure to track attendance, marks and student information, second-rate WI-FI connection also causes an array of administration related issues.

Effective digital infrastructure is a way of breaking down communication walls as the portability of WI-FI incites collaboration between students and with teachers. Additionally, parents are inspired to participate through digitalised systems that improve the interface between home and school. When it comes to achieving educational outcomes, it’s imperative that digital collaboration is taught and fostered

As the nature of work continues to be digitalised, becoming familiar with this changing landscape is essential for future success. Studies have continually shown that students with an early aptitude for technology are more adaptable to the changing conditions of the workplace later on in life. Setting up students for success is the imperative of educational institutions and providing sufficient digital infrastructure is a huge part of this.

A common misconception surrounding WI-FI is that it can installed with a one-size-fits-all mentality. Schools require a tailored approach to connection, one that is able to facilitate high usage and traffic demands. Users need to be able to remain connected and use the network uninterrupted. Teksupport is Australia’s leading wireless solution provider, with proven success in the education sector. We have a deep understanding of the ways WI-FI failure can negatively impact the learning outcomes of students.

Teksupport’s WI-FI Innovation Service offers a seamless provision in a virtual cell format. Teksupport uses a Fortinet system that is the only proven technology to take back control of WI-FI connectivity. It eliminates dead-spots and provides seamless roaming capabilities across the whole site. With proven success in a number of educational environments, Teksupport is passionate about providing untethered learning opportunities for students all around Australia. To find out how to enhance your current system, contact one of our experts on (03) 9590 0560 for a free assessment.