As the home of Australia’s golden guitar, the rodeo hotspot, food and wine destination and all round great-time town of Tamworth is a place where tourists flock for relaxation, music and the best of times when they head to northern NSW.

big4 holiday parks

A little while back, the team at TekSupport were approached by the bustling town’s leading holiday caravan park, Big 4 Paradise Tourist Park in Tamworth, perfectly placed on the banks of the Peel River. It’s a high-quality tourist park that encapsulates the essence of a brilliant holiday, a place chosen and enjoyed by many thousands every year in both on peak and off-peak seasons.

It was through the valued feedback of their guests that owners, Matt and Taryn Judd of Big 4 Paradise in Tamworth realised the need for change and adaptation to a main service- one that grows with importance every year. They could no longer overlook the fact that the call for improved Wi-Fi connectivity across the park required fast intervention. Enter the Teksupport team!

So much of the supplied guest satisfaction feedback outlined that Wi-Fi connectivity was extremely important to guests. They wanted to upload, download, stream and share just as they would at home, and the fact that sometimes a poor connection inhibited these homely comforts was too much of a risk to the Parks’ brand. More to the point, it’s no secret that tourist parks are (unnecessarily, from our perspective) seen as Wi-Fi connectivity pain points. An analysis of the major travel sites points out that the call for better Wi-Fi was falling on deaf ears- the team at Big 4 Paradise in Tamworth had wanted something better for their valued guests, motioning to provide the best Wi-Fi connection to complement the ideal holiday break.

Engaging our team to complete an exclusive Wi-Fi installation for the parks guests soon saw satisfaction with promised Wi-Fi amenities on the improve. Clearly impressed, guests of the Park were almost immediately leaving positive reviews based on clearly contrasting experiences- statements such as “best Wi-Fi we’ve had on our 4-week trip” were proof that our solution made an impact where others had not.

It should come as no surprise that it’s a Tamworth local prepared to jump on board with a technological advancement like Fortinet - the town was the first in Australia to switch on electric street lights all the way back in 1888! We’re so pleased to have worked closely with Big 4 Paradise Tamworth in finding a way to ensure guests were able to have the break they wanted during their visit. Keen to see how we can improve Wi-Fi at your park? See more here, or call our team on (03) 9590 0560