The Importance Of Connectivity In The Aged Care Sector

The Limitations Of Wi-Fi Connection

With Australians living longer than ever before, the age care sector continues to boom. With an aging population in an increasingly digitalised world, the significance of technical literacy in older Australians is not only rising but is becoming essential for the functionality and operation of aged care facilities. In a world where banking, Medicare and insurance services have all moved to the web, elderly Australians who are not technically informed may suffer from isolation and a feeling of uselessness.

Digital Literary For Elderly Australians

It’s important to keep our elderly population informed and engaged in the online sphere. Not only will this improve their ability to complete day-to-day tasks but it’s also crucial in maintaining independence. This connection to the digital world is a vital resource that needs to be encouraged and nurtured. In fact, access to education, development opportunities and the ability to be an active member of the community have all been linked to web connectivity.

Digital tools allows elderly people to keep in touch with their family and friends, access entertainment and automate routine tasks. As we age, we become more venerable to the external elements. Not having a reliable internet connection may result in an elderly person not having access to emergency services, health information or their personal assets like bank accounts and insurance. The prevalence of elder abuse can be fought with an increased focus on digital engagement and connection in the aged care sector.

The Aged Care Sector

In recent years, the quality of life in aged care facilities has come under the microscope. Neglect, isolation and loneliness often plague those living in aged care homes and is something that is too often overlooked or accepted as the norm. Increased connectivity and consistent Wi-Fi solutions may be the key to increasing the quality of life for aged care residents.

Aged care facilities are now regularly assessed on their ability to provide meaningful engagement opportunities for their residents. These opportunities often lie in providing sufficient connectivity solutions. If an aged care facility has an inadequate roaming capacity or a Nurse Call system that is not integrated into their wireless system, a family may think twice before sending their relative to live there. Aged care facilities need to prioritise adaptable wireless solutions that are user and management friendly.

Connectivity provides valuable opportunities for aged care residents to connect with their families and engage with their communities. Elderly Australians are now much more likely to own tablets, smartphones and laptops to access entertainment and learning and to most importantly communicate. Reliable connectivity solutions allow aged care residents to be active members of their communities which results in a greater quality of life. This remains an integral part of nurturing value in our elderly population and restoring trust into aged care facilities.

Connectivity In Aged Care Facilities

Aged care nurses and workers can also greatly benefit from an increase in connectivity. Wireless systems facilitate better outcomes for aged care residents and staff. Medication management, on-call programs and nurse systems can be integrated to increase functionality and give practitioners more time to engage with residents. If the wireless system in an aged care home is working seamlessly, staff are able to provide better care to the residents. The shift to comprehensive wireless systems must be of primary importance for aged care facilities going forward.

Nurse Call systems are crucial for the functionality and effectiveness of aged care facilities. By law, aged care homes are required to have a working Nurse Call system. The challenge lies in implementing a wireless solution that facilitates this system alongside a robust connectivity capacity. Putting residents at the forefront of reliable Wi-Fi connection whilst balancing institutional capabilities is the key to providing a seamless digital experience for residents and staff alike.

When considering a wireless solution to meet the competing demands of an aged care facility, it’s imperative to ensure that you choose a provider that develops a system that is:

  • Cost-Effective. Reliable wireless systems don’t have to be expensive. A trusted provider can ensure that your system is developed in line with your needs, demands and connection objectives.
  • Future-Focused. Aged care facilities need to have a vigorous wireless system that is built to last the distance. Here at Teksupport, we develop channel layering segregation that allows medical staff, residents and visitors to each have their own virtual cell. This is an example of a technical solution that is future-orientated.
  • Efficiency In Complicated Environments. It’s important for residents and staff alike to be able to roam without experiencing any lags or loss of connection. Aged care facilities are complex environments that require a specialised wireless system that performs at all hours of the day and night.

Teksupport are experienced in providing seamless wireless connection experiences for a range of businesses and industries. We have implemented comprehensive Wi-Fi network solutions to aged care facilities around Australia.

This has given us a unique insight into the challenges and limitations outdated wireless systems has in the aged care sector. This has equipped us with the knowledge to overcome these limitations and formulate a solution that specifically meets the connectivity objectives of each individual business.